Trail Mix

It was 75 degrees in Santa Cruz last Sunday and the urge to dust off the camping and backpacking gear was too great to resist. I pulled it all out and began to go through everything to see what was needed for the coming season. Fortunately, it looks as if all the gear is in tip top shape and I only need to pick up some more bear spray and small propane cartridges for the stove and it’s go time. Oh yeah, and to load up on SunRidge Farms Trail Mix and other SunRidge Farms mixes for snacking on the… Read More

GMO debate rages on…no clear answer in sight…or is there?

It appears that Washington State voters weren’t prepared to be the labeling initiators for GMO foods.  I-522 currently trails in the voting results that have been announced so far and it’s unlikely that further returns will be enough to pass the measure.   While disappointing to those of us who vigorously support labeling of GMO’s, we have to realize how far we’ve come in making people aware of the concerns of GMO’s in a relatively short time and that this is when those that are concerned must reach deep and continue to push.  Having closely observed both the California and Washington… Read More

Choosing to eat better one step at a time!

Welcome to 2013!  The New Year Resolutions are still fresh in our minds yet they can quickly fall by the wayside if we don’t keep some focus.  I kept mine a bit simpler this year so that I can continue this journey into better foods that started a couple of years ago.  Eating better has had additional benefits that were not my intention when I resolved to feed my family better that must be mentioned too, but first let’s look at how we can eat better. We know that we need so many servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and… Read More

Do you really believe that GM foods pose no risk to you?

As I ponder the possibility that Prop 37 might not pass now that the big 6 chemical companies have spent upwards $30Million to create fear amongst the voters, it is clear to me that we are too susceptible to what we see and hear in the mainstream media (TV, Radio, Print).   It’s also clear that many Americans lack any semblance of ethics.   I realize that’s a pretty bold statement but I’ll stand behind it all day long.  I can provide a litany of examples on a daily basis where the ‘me first’ mentality blocks any reasonable approach to doing the… Read More

Earth Day 2012 – new possibilities, greater challenges

What do we see in our minds as we look out over the next 20 years?  The next 50? How is the planet as we know it going to change in this short period?   MIT has just predicted social and economic collapse as early as 2030.  That’s only 18 years away! Let’s hope that things aren’t that dire, but even if the prediction is off by years the impact by humans on the planet’s resources is without question.  Swelling populations, an emerging global middle class, and the resulting basic needs AND material desires have begun to seriously impact the global… Read More

Should you be concerned about GMO foods?

Up until a few years ago I had no idea what  Genetically Modified Organisms were and how the food we consume each day may or may not be genetically modified but that it was becoming more and more likely that at least some of what I was eating was, in fact, GMO.  With awareness comes concern.  There are studies that claim to substantiate how safe these foods are; there are an equal number that come to a different conclusion.  Clearly a majority of the ‘safe’ studies have been funded by the biotech companies themselves or groups with a vested interest… Read More

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