Should you be concerned about GMO foods?

Up until a few years ago I had no idea what  Genetically Modified Organisms were and how the food we consume each day may or may not be genetically modified but that it was becoming more and more likely that at least some of what I was eating was, in fact, GMO.  With awareness comes concern.  There are studies that claim to substantiate how safe these foods are; there are an equal number that come to a different conclusion.  Clearly a majority of the ‘safe’ studies have been funded by the biotech companies themselves or groups with a vested interest in having a study that produces a ‘safe’ result.  That’s not all that reassuring.   Natural News has published some information that is helpful in learning more about GMO foods and their safety testing.  It’s well worth reading:

On our end, SunRidge Farms is committed to sourcing non-GMO wherever possible.

3 thoughts on “Should you be concerned about GMO foods?

  1. To your comment,”Sunridge farms is commited to sourcing non-GMO wherever possible”; what is the factor that dictates whether you use GMO’S or not? Is it cost? Or is it that you choose the non-GMO over the GMO’S? The reason I ask is that I do consume your products and if there is a chance that you will use GMO’S, then I will stick to the organic offerings only. Guess that is a given now that I read this.

    1. Thanks for commenting and asking questions regarding this post. SunRidge Farms is family owned. That in itself is probably the single driving factor in our objective of sourcing only non-GMO ingredients.

  2. Just one more note…the fact that GMO’S are truly harmful is a no brainer. Hundreds of scientists all over the world have lost everything because they would not suppress the truth so they were suppressed. How can a GMO crop not be toxic? Some are designed to create their own pesticide and most withstand the onslaught of ROUND UP. Na…it’s not in the crop(wink wink)

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