Rainbow (Drops) for the Holidays!

Rainbow’s are one of natures most pleasurable phenomenons. Who fails to be charmed whenever the rain and sun give us such a visual delight? The joy the children express is contagious and if that guy on YouTube is any indication, a double rainbow causes hysterics that get to be shared by all. I’ve now experienced the taste of the ‘Rainbow’ and have to say that it’s about time that we were able to add in the other senses and we’ve learned that instead of gold at the end of the rainbow there is this treasure. Introducing Rainbow Drops from SunRidge Farms. These all natural candy coated milk chocolates come in 7 rainbow colors and will quickly disappear in your candy dishes that you put out this holiday season, or anytime else. Since all candies are not made alike and Rainbow Drops are part of the SunRidge Farms product line, you’ll find no artificial colors or flavors, no hydrogenated oils, 0 grams of trans fats, no titanium dioxide, and no preservatives. The candies are even non-GMO! So, visit your favorite grocery store’s bulk section and stock up on Rainbow Drops right now and stimulate all of your senses. Now the joy of the rainbow can be enjoyed day or night ( and without the rain! ). Happy Snacking from SunRidge Farms.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow (Drops) for the Holidays!

  1. These are amazing! Thank you for creating such a delicious product. There are other natural chocolate candy shell products out there, but none as good as yours! Plus you have amazing natural colors like green, blue, lavender and orange! I look forward to using them in many creative ways – on cupcakes, for cookies, as gifts, etc…

  2. THANK YOU for these Rainbow Drops! I buy anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds of them every 7 to 10 days, and keep wishing they might show up at my local nutrition store in a dark chocolate version. Either way, I love “My” Rainbow Drops!

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