Getting better at buying in bulk!

The conversion from a standard grocery store shopper to a more disciplined and careful BULK grocery shopper has taken time but the results are clearly positive. We’re eating better foods, snacking less, and reducing our waste impact. The really great thing is that in the bulk shopping I’m talking about doesn’t require me to buy 10 lbs. of pasta to get my savings like warehouse bulk buying requires. If we’re having pasta for dinner I can buy 12 oz. in bulk instead of a prepackaged 16 oz box knowing that we only eat 12 oz. and likely throw the rest… Read More

Earth Day 2012 – new possibilities, greater challenges

What do we see in our minds as we look out over the next 20 years?  The next 50? How is the planet as we know it going to change in this short period?   MIT has just predicted social and economic collapse as early as 2030.  That’s only 18 years away! Let’s hope that things aren’t that dire, but even if the prediction is off by years the impact by humans on the planet’s resources is without question.  Swelling populations, an emerging global middle class, and the resulting basic needs AND material desires have begun to seriously impact the global… Read More

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