Is Your Food ‘Natural’?

The use of the word ‘natural’ or ‘all natural’ for foods has been in debate for years.  Does it mean organic or NonGMO or does it allow for the use of artificial ingredients, colors, GMO’s, and preservatives??  Currently, the FDA has just closed the public comment period and will review these comments and may or may not issue their definition or guidelines for the use of this word.  The entire food industry now waits for this guidance so that any changes to packaging and/or marketing copy can be updated to stay in compliance.  For more on this click here. SunRidge Farms… Read More

Study Indicates Significant Pesticide Reduction in Only One Week of Eating Organic

Still wondering if eating organic makes sense?  More and more evidence makes it clear that the advantages are many.  Here’s some more fuel to help motivate you to make better eating choices. [link] SunRidge Farms urges you to consider organic foods as often as possible.  Let’s work together to increase organic acreage for agriculture in the USA.

Let's fight for this planet!

We are currently in a mass extinction event.  The term “extinction event” is used to define any period from three to twenty centuries, during which the planet loses 75 percent of its biodiversity. The world has lost 52 percent of its wildlife in the past four decades alone, so it is well on its way to meeting that criteria. Read this story – [link] There is only one earth and we must protect her.

Any confusion as to Organic versus NonGMO? Here's your guide!

Eating organic makes sense.  Eating NonGMO also makes sense.  Are they one and the same??  No, but either way stick to those labels when you are choosing foods.  Here’s a guide that will help you understand the distinction.  Thanks to Olivia’s Organics for this. 1. Learn the lingo. Certified Organic food has been farmed and manufactured within the strict guidelines set forth by the US Department of Agriculture. Farmers and handlers that hold a Certificate of Organic Production, have submitted to a 3rd party audit, certifying that USDA Organic Standards have been met. They are not allowed to use synthetic herbicides, pesticides and… Read More

Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds to the Evidence

It seems to make sense that organic foods would be more nutritious.  With the amount of ‘noise’ that big agriculture creates to cloud our picture of what foods should be, it’s great to see studies that move us towards clarity.  Here’s the latest from NPR – [link] From increased Omega 3’s to much higher flavanols and antioxidants for the body and the undeniable benefits to the planet, making the choice to eat organic makes more and more sense each day. SunRidge Farms support organic farming and efforts to get more US farmers engaged in this effort.  Only 1% of US… Read More

Acreage of GMO crops decreases slightly

This article from the NY Times discusses GMO crop useage and acreage globally.  read more This article really shows how deeply entrenched GMO crops are in the US and a few other countries.  This is the number one reason that organic crops cost more in the USA yet demand is skyrocketing.  Only 1% of US agricultural land is organic, yet GMO proponents say that globally, only a fraction of agricultural land is GMO.  Doesn’t make sense, does it??  Also today, the Wall Street Journal published a story regarding corn imports rising, even with a glut of production here in the… Read More

Another major company decides to label GMO's on their products!

The candy company Mars is following General Mills’ and Campbell’s actions as the new standards loom. “Mars is introducing clear, on-pack labeling on our products that contain GM ingredients nationwide,” ahead of the Vermont regulations kicking in on July 1, the company wrote in a blog post published on its website Friday. This excerpt is from this article, [link] same company also announced in February they were removing artificial colors from M&M’s.  Wow!  It took until 2016 for this company to actually think this was a good idea. With SunRidge Farms you don’t have to ever worry about this.  We… Read More

GMO labels spread as congressional effort to fight them fades!

No, this is not an April Fools Day prank.  The people continue to speak and our congress is being forced to act.  It’s hard for even our elected officials to go against a 90% mandate.  That’s right, 90% + of people want GMO labeling, regardless of the money and effort being spent by big agriculture on fighting this.  Let’s keep the pressure on, only 1% of our US farmland is organic, yet over 5% of our demand for food is for organic.  It’s not hard to see that if we increase the amount of land for organic food production, prices… Read More

Senate Rejects DARK Act – Huge Victory for Consumers

Today, the Senate did the right thing and did not advance a bill from Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) that can best be described as the Denying Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act. Here’s the full story – [link] SunRidge Farms supports labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) as we believe everyone has a right to know what is in their foods.  We thank the millions of Americans who made their voice heard by contacting their representatives in opposition of this bill.

Why India's first organic state matters!

In a mountainous region in eastern India, Sikkim is now a 100% organic state, with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and no GMOs.  This remarkable achievement can be the impetus for a move to all organic farming globally.  It can be done; we just need to commit. [link] SunRidge Farms supports efforts to increase organic farming and encourages all to understand why organic farming is the right thing to do.

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