Do you really believe that GM foods pose no risk to you?

As I ponder the possibility that Prop 37 might not pass now that the big 6 chemical companies have spent upwards $30Million to create fear amongst the voters, it is clear to me that we are too susceptible to what we see and hear in the mainstream media (TV, Radio, Print).   It’s also clear that many Americans lack any semblance of ethics.   I realize that’s a pretty bold statement but I’ll stand behind it all day long.  I can provide a litany of examples on a daily basis where the ‘me first’ mentality blocks any reasonable approach to doing the right thing.  It’s even worse when we have allowed a corporation to become an ‘entity’ that is provided similar rights to the individual.  In the case of Monsanto, we have provided a vehicle in which, by law, is forced to act in the interests of it’s shareholders and their need for profits.  These actions often fly in the face of reason due to those profit pressures.  Since the company is inanimate, that means that decisions are being made by humans who’s first concern is taking care of their needs.  What is most disturbing in all of these folks inability to see past their own concerns is the fact that many have children.  How is it as a parent, that you would support anything that potentially puts your children or your children’s children at further risk?  That is the question I want to ask the leadership at Monsanto, Dow, etc.   Wouldn’t they want to know the long term concerns of their work on humans, especially children?  Let’s completely understand the risk, if any, before we put these types of foods into our bodies.  In addition, if I were in charge and felt that these foods were absolutely safe I would not hesitate to be part of a long term study in order to prove their safety.  I wouldn’t feel right pushing a product that I couldn’t 100% stand behind.  Let’s see that commitment from the leadership at Monsanto.  Starting to make sense??  Frankly,  without a public statement to this effect by Monsanto and the others that are against Prop 37, all of us should be skeptical of their stance.  Let’s err on the side of caution by VOTING YES on PROP 37.   At least be informed as to whether or not GM foods are part of the foods you’re eating.   No one in the companies that have created these transgenic foods is willing to be part of any human trials so the ‘science’ that could make this proposition a non issue has never been accomplished.  That by itself is enough for me to know that I have only one choice next Tuesday. YES on 37!

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