Earth Day 2012 – new possibilities, greater challenges

What do we see in our minds as we look out over the next 20 years?  The next 50? How is the planet as we know it going to change in this short period?   MIT has just predicted social and economic collapse as early as 2030.  That’s only 18 years away!

Let’s hope that things aren’t that dire, but even if the prediction is off by years the impact by humans on the planet’s resources is without question.  Swelling populations, an emerging global middle class, and the resulting basic needs AND material desires have begun to seriously impact the global economy.  Since there is no turning off this engine, the question is how can we get closer to reusing/recycling almost everything we use?

In parts of the country plastic bags have been banned at retail stores and paper bags cost $.10 each.  Inconvenient??  Maybe, but already I’ve noticed myself reusing the paper bags I already have 6-7 times before they get too beat up and I have to recycle them.   Studies are showing that growing foods organically is as cost effective or better than commercial farming methods.  Shopping the local farmers market is always a good idea.  Learning to use raised farm beds for growing your own an even better idea.  Check out Marshall Loskot’s plans for raised beds,   His are on platforms allowing him to move his wheelchair around and tend his garden that way.  For able bodied folk, these beds allow for immediate organic farming methods to be accomplished without the stooping and bending over associated with traditional farming.  Fewer pest issues and few pathogens are also part of the benefits of farming more than 18 inches above the ground.

One last way to have a positive impact and something that we, at SunRidge Farms feel very strongly about, is that of bulk food buying.  We hope it’s our products for our efforts to source only high quality, sustainable, organic and Non-GMO foods and ingredients but recognizing that it’s bigger than just us.  Buying in bulk reduces packaging costs significantly, thereby reducing the planetary impact on resources to produce that packaging.  Those cost savings are passed on to the consumer so you get better pricing in bulk.  When shipping products across the country, bulk items create more efficiencies leading to a reduced emissions impact by the service industry.  This is just a few examples.   To find out more, visit Bulk is Green at or

Take the steps today to plan for the future and do your part to minimize your impact on our planet.  Remember, it’s Earth Day every day!

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