Adaptogens: What are they?

What’s an adaptogen?

If you’re like me, this word probably evokes the thought of special chemical compounds given to lab subjects, resulting in some type of super power of sorts. I mean with a name like that, it’s bound to have something to do with superpowers. Surprise: In a sense it actually does! Natural superpowers that is. Adaptogens are a type of plant or substance that have healing qualities, they can help with balancing, building up and refreshing the body. One of their main qualities is helping the body deal with stress, but there are innumerable other effects of these substances that will make you feel like a superhero. There are many adaptogens available, but here’s a few examples so you can find one that’s right for you!


What do they do?


  1.  Maca:

    The appearance of the Maca root looks similar to a turnip or radish, growing in a few different colors such as red, tan and black. This power root is known for its vast amount of healing properties. People who consume maca experience Increased energy and stamina, and athletes have commented on it aiding with higher endurance levels. It combats chronic fatigue, and gives you lasting energy instead of caffeine spurts. Another plus is that maca helps with hormone balance, it balances and regulates hormones so that your body can work normally, as a result it reduces depression, anxiety and stress, promotes mental clarity and focus. Maca is also fantastic to take as you get older because it causes enhanced memory, as well as improving circulation throughout the body. AND it even increases hair growth! Many more benefits have been found as well, check them out!

  2.  Asian Ginseng:

    Known sometimes by its botanical name Panax, which actually means ‘all heal’, has been used for hundreds of years as a healing product for all kinds of things. Its most common attributes include reducing stress and anxiety. It has the power to relax the nervous system, however it energizes it as well. This results in a caffeine like feeling, without the anxiety and increased heart rate and random twitches you get from drinking coffee. It helps your body process the stress and anxiety, but doesn’t make you feel tired or fuzzy, instead it gives your energy and vigor. People also report on it’s anti-aging abilities. Hundreds of stories are found online about someone’s grandmother who never ran out of energy and was strong to her dying day, all because she took a ginseng pill every morning. Although unfortunately it doesn’t claim to cause immortality, it does help the body stay healthy and working properly as you age such as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol and improving your memory.

  3.  Holy Basil: 

    This plant, also known as tulsi, is a well known medicinal herb in India. Holy Basil is used to treat all types of things ranging from anxiety, to snake bites. It has been used to treat many illnesses including infections, skin diseases, colds, flus, high fevers, and even snake bites and scorpion stings. It works to lower pressure throughout the body, easing aches and fevers, and possibly reduce pain response. Another of its benefits, is that it helps the body cope with stress. It lowers anxiety levels and calms the body down. This prevents stress induced canker sores or stomach ulcers. As it lowers stress levels it lowers blood pressure, but doesn’t make you feel sluggish, instead it enhances cognitive functions and reaction rates.

  4.  Rhodiola Rosea: 

    Similar to the other adaptogens, Rhodiola also works to reduce fatigue and exhaustion due to a stress “burn out”. It is known in Russia as a remedy for fatigue, poor attention span and even helping with memory loss, and has even been used to give to workers to make them more productive. In most people, it has proved to be very effective in reducing fatigue and feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. It even helps athletes performance while exercising, increasing endurance and energy. Rhodiola promotes vitality and vigor, rather than random energy spikes. In addition, it functions as an antioxidant as well, helping the body guard itself against illness and disease.


There are so many other adaptogens available, some other well known ones include: Ashwagandha, Astragalus Root, Licorice Root, and more!


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