Trail Mix

It was 75 degrees in Santa Cruz last Sunday and the urge to dust off the camping and backpacking gear was too great to resist. I pulled it all out and began to go through everything to see what was needed for the coming season. Fortunately, it looks as if all the gear is in tip top shape and I only need to pick up some more bear spray and small propane cartridges for the stove and it’s go time. Oh yeah, and to load up on SunRidge Farms Trail Mix and other SunRidge Farms mixes for snacking on the trail and at the campsite. My stand by has always been the Organic Hit the Trail Mix, which simply tastes great and provides all the energy I need when hiking. This year, however, I’m going to make an effort to bring many different types of SunRidge Farms mixes. NonGMO Project verified Cranberry Harvest Mix combines dark chocolate chips with organic cranberries, organic peanuts, organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, organic raisins, almonds, and apples. That’s a great breakfast coupled with hot tea or coffee or a solid lunch while taking a break from the trail. Our Tropical Trail Mix gives you a fruit emphasis in your trail mix with raisins, dates, papaya, pineapple and banana combined with sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, and coconut chips. These are but two of the many trail mixes we offer and doesn’t even touch the creations you can make yourself buy visiting the bulk section in your nearest grocery and deciding for yourself what constitutes healthier snacking excellence. Start making these mixes part of your everyday diet and you’ll find that trail mixes are not limited to the hike.

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