Almonds: America’s Favorite Nut

Almonds are an amazing nut that are praised for their benefits all over the world. They are the most popular nut in America, and are respected for a wide range of health benefits. You can eat them in a variety of ways: raw, oil roasted, dry roasted, sprouted, glazed and more. They are a staple in trail mixes, snack bars, cereals, and even desserts! In honor of National Almond Day, here are some of the amazing health benefits of almonds. Health Benefits of Almonds Studies show that almonds eaten mid morning can help to regulate your blood sugar levels. Their… Read More

Tips for Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy

  There is that little spark for something better that always shows itself at the beginning of the new year. A drive to improve your diet and get healthy often is a goal that, frankly,  makes complete sense. So, where do you start?   1. Switch to organic.  This decision is good for you AND good for the environment.  In 2-3 weeks after you switch to organic foods you’ll find the following: The residual pesticide level inside your body will be reduced substantially Your digestion improves as fewer highly processed ingredients pass through your body. Your immune system will get stronger.… Read More

Zesty Apple Mango Warmin Mornin Granola – take the chill out of the start of the day!

The final days of fall are upon us and in some places already gone.  A touch of snow or frost often greets you as wake up, look outside, and prepare for the day.  These are the times that typically call for a good hot bowl of oatmeal and a steaming mug of coffee or tea to help warm the mind, body, and soul.  Another way to tackle the morning chill is to eat our new Zesty Apple Mango Warmin Mornin Granola and let this enchanting granola spiced with red chile heat you from the inside.  Make no mistake, it does… Read More

#GIVINGTUESDAY What can you do?

Black Friday is over; Cyber Monday come and gone…it’s now #GIVINGTUESDAY!  Let’s make a difference today and everyday.  What or for Who can you do something today that is positive for another person, a family, a community, or on even a grander scale? We believe you haven’t lived a proper day unless you’ve done something for someone else who cannot possibly repay you.  We encourage everyone to approach life this way.  Donate to a homeless shelter, arrange to visit and entertain at a senior center, help a single parent get their child to school or an afterschool activity, look in… Read More

California Ballot Measure Creates Largest GMO Free Zone in USA

An area measuring over 13,000 square miles has been approved by voters in Sonoma County California as GMO Free.  GMO crops will be phased out over 2 years, restoring agricultural practices that will support a healthier environment and reduce mono crop style of farming.  For more detail on this story, see more here at – [link] SunRidge Farms supports agricultural efforts to reduce the proliferation of GMO crops, increase acreage of organic crops, and the reduced use of dangerous chemicals in the agricultural industry.  Only 1% of USA agriculture is organic yet demand is over 6% and growing.  That… Read More

Thanksgiving and SunRidge Farms

As Thanksgiving approaches we know family and friends are soon to be getting together to celebrate, give thanks, and eat (and eat).  That’s where we come in!  From beans, grains, flours, snacks, dried fruits, nuts & seeds, and confections and so much more, SunRidge Farms has what you need to satisfy the entire family – except for the turkey.  Snacks for your guests?  Pick out a variety of trail mixes, mixed nuts, and candies and set them out in bowls around the house.  Toppings for a salad?  Try some slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins, or pine nuts.  Want to… Read More

Add a Sheltowee Hammock and SunRidge Farms warming snacks to your next autumn adventure…or simply on your back porch!

As we enter mid autumn, leaves are falling and crunching underfoot; the air is crisp and cool in the morning and evenings.  It’s the perfect time to continue getting outdoors and break a sweat whether raking the newly fallen leaves or taking a jaunt into the nearest state park.  Either way let’s add a new way to relax after putting in the work…think about relaxing in a Sheltowee Boone hammock from Sheltowee Hammock Company,, while snacking on some SunRidge Farms items like Warmin’ Morning Granola, Hatch Chile Fiesta Mix, Outragin Cajun Mix, Wasabi Samurai Mix, or Zesta Fiesta Mix… Read More

SunRidge Farms and O’Neill Wetsuits team up for the Halloween Freakshow Surf Contest

SunRidge Farms is pleased to be part of Halloween Freakshow Surf Contest sponsored by O’Neill Wetsuits on October 29-30, 2016.  64 surfers will compete for cash while shredding famous Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.  Come out and support these outstanding athletes as they battle for the best waves to see who rules Steamers at Halloween! O’Neill and SunRidge Farms are embarking on a journey together as we begin to celebrate a combined 100 years of Santa Cruz, California based healthy pursuits.  O’Neill will celebrate 65 years in business and SunRidge Farms 35 years in 2017.   O’Neill offers the best in… Read More

National Bulk Foods Week October 16-22

SunRidge Farms is the established leader in bulk food sets at your favorite grocer.  Since 1982 we’ve been leading the way in providing the best nuts & seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, granola, and confections.  Bulk foods provide many advantages and supports our mission of taking care of the planet while producing the best foods imaginable.  How does bulk food provide these advantages?  First and foremost, almost 40% of the food produced in the USA goes to waste.  When you buy packaged product, often times the fixed package size offers more food than needed and no easy way to reuse… Read More

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