Add a Sheltowee Hammock and SunRidge Farms warming snacks to your next autumn adventure…or simply on your back porch!

As we enter mid autumn, leaves are falling and crunching underfoot; the air is crisp and cool in the morning and evenings.  It’s the perfect time to continue getting outdoors and break a sweat whether raking the newly fallen leaves or taking a jaunt into the nearest state park.  Either way let’s add a new way to relax after putting in the work…think about relaxing in a Sheltowee Boone hammock from Sheltowee Hammock Company,, while snacking on some SunRidge Farms items like Warmin’ Morning Granola, Hatch Chile Fiesta Mix, Outragin Cajun Mix, Wasabi Samurai Mix, or Zesta Fiesta Mix that will help fuel and warm your body and soul.

Why Sheltowee Hammocks?  Similar to the uniqueness of SunRidge Farms food items, the folks at Sheltowee think about the entire spectrum of what’s important in a hammock from sourcing of high quality fabrics, incredible design and functionality, ease of use, and outstanding support and service.  In addition, their Boone Hammock offers the single best way to enjoy hammocking when the temperature dips below 70 degrees so that the dreaded ‘cold butt’ syndrome is avoided leading to the most restful and comfortable ‘hang’ that you will ever have.  The integrated down underquilt seamlessly provides the dead air warmth barrier necessary to wrap you in a cocoon of warmth with 3 temperature offerings of 55, 40, and 20 degrees.  Integrated bug netting is also available on all Boone models.  Simply amazing hammocks!  Do yourself a favor and check this company out for yourself.  These, and any of the other Sheltowee Hammock items, make fantastic gifts for your outdoor oriented family and friends.  Take a hammock with you while hiking and camping or simply hang between two porch posts or trees in your back yard.  You’ll appreciate being off the ground and staying cozy while snoozing, reading, or just listening to a game on the radio.

Why SunRidge Farms? Besides the aforementioned granola and trail mixes that will keep you warm from the inside, our foods are sourced from the very best ingredients and crops that we can find.  Our specialty in the food business are the bulk and gravity bins that you see at grocery, natural food stores, and food coops nationwide.  While you might not see our name on the bulk bin unless you look very closely, we are the leader in foods available in bulk with over 1000 food items to choose from.   Our goal is to provide the best foods with the least amount of environmental impact, supporting a healthy lifestyle that includes honoring the entire food chain from farmer to table and back to farmer again.  Buying from the bulk bins lets you only purchase the amount you need, reduces waste in the landfill, and gives you so many more options on different items to try.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with SunRidge Farms and we hope that you’ll check out Sheltowee Hammock Company.  Thanks for joining us at SunRidge Farms adventure corner.

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