Tips for Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy

A girl sits overlooking the ocean snacking on organic trail mix
Eat healthy to get healthy this new year.


There is that little spark for something better that always shows itself at the beginning of

the new year. A drive to improve your diet and get healthy often is a goal that, frankly, 

makes complete sense. So, where do you start?


1. Switch to organic. 

This decision is good for you AND good for the environment.  In 2-3 weeks after you switch to organic foods you’ll find the following:

  • The residual pesticide level inside your body will be reduced substantially
  • Your digestion improves as fewer highly processed ingredients pass through your body.
  • Your immune system will get stronger.

2. Choose smaller portions and eat more frequently throughout the day. 

Try an experiment – eat a handful of organic almonds mid-morning instead of a pastry, doughnut, or even a granola bar.  Chew the almonds thoroughly and take your time eating the whole handful.  Notice how ‘full’ you become and the natural energy that is released will keep you focused and on task.  When a meal time comes around, think about how much food would make you full and then eat a third less.  Take your time to eat and notice how your body responds.

3. Shop smart

You’d be surprised how true the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” can ring. If you can change your habits at the supermarket, you will be able to keep only healthy snacks around your house, which will make getting healthy, and staying healthy, that much easier. That way, when that midnight snack craving hits you, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some dried fruit instead of ice cream.

These simple changes will allow you to keep your resolution, improve your health, and give you more energy to augment these dietary changes with other healthful changes like exercise.

Let’s grow healthy together.  #FuelYourLife




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