#GIVINGTUESDAY What can you do?

Black Friday is over; Cyber Monday come and gone…it’s now #GIVINGTUESDAY!  Let’s make a difference today and everyday.  What or for Who can you do something today that is positive for another person, a family, a community, or on even a grander scale?

We believe you haven’t lived a proper day unless you’ve done something for someone else who cannot possibly repay you.  We encourage everyone to approach life this way.  Donate to a homeless shelter, arrange to visit and entertain at a senior center, help a single parent get their child to school or an afterschool activity, look in on someone who is sick, pay a portion of someone’s layaway for Christmas, or simply acknowledge someone who is often overlooked.  Giving doesn’t have to be expensive or hard but it takes a moment to look outward instead of inward.  Let’s make this a daily habit and watch the world change for the better.  Join us in making the world we live in a better place.  By buying SunRidge Farms foods you provide the means for our continual efforts to support programs that work to eliminate hunger, homelessness, endangered species, and other issues which impact the planet that provides for us and the communities we live in.

To honor #GIVINGTUESDAY we are offering 20% off all items through December 25!  A portion of every sale will be donated to organizations like the Santa Cruz Homeless Services Shelter https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/HomelessServicesCenter?code=GT16, Defenders of Wildlife http://www.defenders.org/ and many others!   Use PROMO CODE ‘ GIVEANDGET20’ at checkout to receive this discount on your order and thank you for being part of positive change.

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