Is Your Food ‘Natural’?

The use of the word ‘natural’ or ‘all natural’ for foods has been in debate for years.  Does it mean organic or NonGMO or does it allow for the use of artificial ingredients, colors, GMO’s, and preservatives??  Currently, the FDA has just closed the public comment period and will review these comments and may or may not issue their definition or guidelines for the use of this word.  The entire food industry now waits for this guidance so that any changes to packaging and/or marketing copy can be updated to stay in compliance.  For more on this click here.

SunRidge Farms supplies ‘All Natural’ items as part of our offerings.  For over 30 years, SunRidge Farms All Natural has meant:

– No Preservatives or Additives

– No Artificial Colors or Flavors

– No Hydrogenated Oils

– 0g Trans Fat

We’ll continue to honor our heritage and our stance on the term ‘All Natural’ until regulations require us to change.  Should that occur we’ll adjust just as the food industry does anytime that new regulations demand.  Rest assured, the commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients remains our focus and that’s our bottom line.  We thank you for making SunRidge Farms your choice!

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