GMO labels spread as congressional effort to fight them fades!

No, this is not an April Fools Day prank.  The people continue to speak and our congress is being forced to act.  It’s hard for even our elected officials to go against a 90% mandate.  That’s right, 90% + of people want GMO labeling, regardless of the money and effort being spent by big agriculture on fighting this.  Let’s keep the pressure on, only 1% of our US farmland is organic, yet over 5% of our demand for food is for organic.  It’s not hard to see that if we increase the amount of land for organic food production, prices for organic food will go down and we will be taking care of the environment, increasing jobs, and actually improving yields for crops.  Here’s more information on this topic ––sector.html

SunRidge Farms support mandatory GMO labeling and all efforts to move to organic farming and food production techniques.  Let us do what is right for the planet and our species.

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