Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds to the Evidence

It seems to make sense that organic foods would be more nutritious.  With the amount of ‘noise’ that big agriculture creates to cloud our picture of what foods should be, it’s great to see studies that move us towards clarity.  Here’s the latest from NPR –

From increased Omega 3’s to much higher flavanols and antioxidants for the body and the undeniable benefits to the planet, making the choice to eat organic makes more and more sense each day.

SunRidge Farms support organic farming and efforts to get more US farmers engaged in this effort.  Only 1% of US agricultural land is organic and yet demand far exceeds what we produce here in the states.  The countries that support organic farming are receiving the benefits of this demand, whereas American farmers are not.  Not only that, this hurts the American consumer as you have to pay more for organic as these crops aren’t available here.  Demand that your farmer go organic and help them understand it is in their best interests now and in the long term.

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