Acreage of GMO crops decreases slightly

This article from the NY Times discusses GMO crop useage and acreage globally.  read more

This article really shows how deeply entrenched GMO crops are in the US and a few other countries.  This is the number one reason that organic crops cost more in the USA yet demand is skyrocketing.  Only 1% of US agricultural land is organic, yet GMO proponents say that globally, only a fraction of agricultural land is GMO.  Doesn’t make sense, does it??  Also today, the Wall Street Journal published a story regarding corn imports rising, even with a glut of production here in the US.  Corn farmers are complaining that this is driving prices down and “leaving bad tastes in our mouth”.  We offer this solution – switch your acreage to organic and watch those trucks come to your farm and take your harvest to market instead of watching those trucks drive by with corn from Brazil.

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