Fuel your adventure with SunRidge Farms this Fall! Find this months promo code here for 20% online orders.

The approach of autumn isn’t the end of summer fun.  Let’s stay active and embrace the slight chill in the air and sunlight that fades a little earlier each day.  Staying active requires fueling the body and that’s where we at SunRidge Farms come in.  Trail mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and granola all provide easy to carry and nourishing sustenance for adventures of all types, from taking the kids to the Halloween store or pumpkin patch, enjoying  full moon stand up paddling sessions, or taking those treks in the hills that were too grueling in the summer heat.  The fall brings us tailgates, homework, homecoming, and yard work.  Those adventures need fuel too! Take advantage of the changing of the seasons for 20% online orders by using promo code ‘ autumn2016 ‘. Post a picture of your SunRidge Farms fueled adventure on Facebook or Instagram by October 15  and we’ll pick a lucky contributor or two and send them a gift box for participating.  

SunRidge Farms – entering the digital age of organic and all natural foods

If you stop by our website frequently you’ve noticed something different during this visit…we’ve changed.  This is for the better, though we know it will cause some growing pains with our long term followers.  We’ve launched the site quietly as it’s as shocking to us as it is to the aforementioned long timers.  Please enjoy the significant improvements – you can use your phone or tablet as well as your computer; nutritional panel and ingredient information is front and center;  and increased accessibility to our vast selection of items – that will aid you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle through organic and all natural foods. If you find a broken link, have trouble checking out, or have any other questions please use our ‘contact us’ feature.  We’ll be able to resolve most website issues within 24-72 hours.  Our image library is being updated in the background so check back frequently to see our products in detail. Thanks so much for your support of SunRidge Farms.  Welcome to our digital leap forward; help us share our mutual values and interests by joining and liking us on Facebook and Instagram. www.sunridgefarms.com    

Join us at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City August 3-6

SunRidge Farms is pleased to be exhibiting at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Come by our booth, PV1178, and sample our newest items and get your discount code for 25% off online orders so you can fuel your body while hiking, climbing, paddleboarding, backpacking, or any other adventure. SunRidge Farms is a premier provider of nut&seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, granola, and confections that are out of this world.  Our products are found in bulk bins at your favorite grocer or natural food store.  We also have a full line of prepackaged items that makes it easy to grab and go. Come by the booth August 3-6 and see what SunRidge Farms is all about!

Congress sends GMO labeling bill to President Obama

Whether we agree with it or not, the US Congress has decided to forward a bill that passed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate that supersedes State law (specifically Vermont) in regards to labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO).  President Obama is expected to sign this bill into law.  Here’s the detail – [link] Rest assured, we’ll still be using NonGMO ingredients and sourcing from NonGMO sources.  The environmental impacts of GMO corn, beets, and soybean are simply too negative to ignore.  The inability of the farmers to prevent cross contamination, singular and increasing herbicide use, mono crop culture, and impact on the local ecosystem are real.  This is not healing the planet.  It’s still the only one we’ve got so let’s continue to push for agricultural changes that take care of the Earth so she’ll continue to take care of us. SunRidge Farms is a producer of fine foods – confections, nuts & seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, and granola.  Much of our production is solar powered, our trucks use bio-diesel, and we pay employees $5 per day to bike to work.

The GMO Labeling Battle is Still Here

Vermont’s GMO labeling requirement became law on July 1, 2016.  Many major food companies have already prepared labels to meet Vermont’s requirements without any issue.  The US Senate is attempting to circumvent State requirements with their own bill that differs somewhat from Vermont’s law.  Here’s a link to this information – [link] SunRidge Farms stands with Vermont in sticking with a strong GMO labeling requirement that meets the 9 of 10 Americans desire to know what is in their food.  The law works as demonstrated by Campbells and Hershey’s (amongst others) label changes that comply with the Vermont requirement.  Contact your representatives and let them know you don’t want the Vermont requirement to be circumvented or undermined.

Reduce Meat Consumption and Lower Your Individual Carbon Footprint

Make a choice to reduce your meat consumption and you truly have a positive impact on the environment.  What a great way to let a positive lifestyle choice have a ripple effect that is also positive.  Here’s the detail – [link] Let’s continue to find ways save the planet. SunRidge Farms is committed to reducing it’s carbon footprint.  We utilize solar for most of our manufacturing energy needs, we pay employees to bike to work, and we utilize bio-diesel for our fleet of trucks.

SunRidge Farms unaffected by FDA sunflower seed recall notice

The FDA’s recall page, [link], has information pertaining to the brands affected by sunflower seeds that potentially are contaminated with listeria.  SunRidge Farms is NOT affected by this recall for any item of ours containing sunflower seeds. Take advantage of our sunflower seeds and our many other choices of trail mixes, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and confections in the month of June by using promo code ‘summerheat2016‘ at checkout for 20% off your online order!

Vermont GMO law providing momentum to measure in New York

GMO labeling is still a hot topic and now the State of New York is poised to join Vermont in mandating that GMO’s be labeled.  Here’s a story published by the AP – [link] SunRidge Farms supports the labeling of GMO’s.  We want you to know what’s in our foods.  We also want to encourage organic farming/agriculture to ensure that our planet thrives for coming generations.

Is Your Food ‘Natural’?

The use of the word ‘natural’ or ‘all natural’ for foods has been in debate for years.  Does it mean organic or NonGMO or does it allow for the use of artificial ingredients, colors, GMO’s, and preservatives??  Currently, the FDA has just closed the public comment period and will review these comments and may or may not issue their definition or guidelines for the use of this word.  The entire food industry now waits for this guidance so that any changes to packaging and/or marketing copy can be updated to stay in compliance.  For more on this click here. SunRidge Farms supplies ‘All Natural’ items as part of our offerings.  For over 30 years, SunRidge Farms All Natural has meant: – No Preservatives or Additives – No Artificial Colors or Flavors – No Hydrogenated Oils – 0g Trans Fat We’ll continue to honor our heritage and our stance on the term ‘All Natural’ until regulations require us to change.  Should that occur we’ll adjust just as the food industry does anytime that new regulations demand.  Rest assured, the commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients remains our focus and that’s our bottom line.  We thank you for making SunRidge Farms your choice!