Thai Curry Cashews

Thai Curry Cashews: The Ultimate Snack

You know the feeling, you get home from work or even a hike or jog and you’re hungry but you’re not ready for a full meal. Well I have fantastic news for you, the SunRidge Farms Thai Curry Cashews are the answer to all your snacking needs! With the perfect balance of spicy and sweet, along with just the right amount of saltiness. This snack is jammed packed with flavor and is an ideal pick me up for whatever occasion!


Why we chose these flavors:

Originating in India, Curry is now a classic flavor that is popular all over the world. The spices in the curry mix are full of zing and zest, however it’s not just the flavor that makes this snack an excellent choice. The ingredients are also packed with nutritional benefits!

One of the main ingredients found in the Thai Curry Cashews is Turmeric. Other than being an incredible yellow color, inspiring artists worldwide, turmeric is a magnificent spice. 


*1. Helps with skin:

Want clear skin? Of course you do, that’s such a silly question. Well, your prayers are answered! Turmeric works against acne causing bacteria, and even aids in fading acne scars. A primary antioxidant found in the main component is called Curcumin, which fights against wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin.  In addition, the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities of turmeric make wounds and scars heal faster and cleaner! This makes it a great survival food to have on you when you go hiking or camping! Get ready for glowing, fresh skin in no time!


*2. Digestive Detox:

The next best thing about turmeric is its detox abilities. Turmeric is a great addition to your diet if you are trying to lose weight or just cleanse your system. It works as a metabolic accelerator and helps your body burn calories faster aiding your workout routines and eating patterns. By ingesting turmeric it also detoxes the liver, which gets clogged and run down over a period of eating bad and stress. When the liver is clean and working smoothly, this results in a healthier physique and weight loss. Other benefits include lowered cholesterol levels and soothing of muscle, and pancreatic cells, adding to a healthy mind and body.


*3. Anti-inflammatory:

Another plus of Turmeric is the anti-inflammatory attributes. The compound, Curcumin, plays a huge role in calming inflammation, often comparable to the strength of pharmaceuticals. It is often used for patients as a treatment to gout and arthritis. It can even treat muscle pain and exercise injuries. When ingested, it can soothe stomach pain, cramps, bloating, and irritability. The anti-inflammatory attributes also help with boosting cardiovascular health. Turmeric’s natural levels of vitamin B and Curcumin, help balance cholesterol levels and cleans arteries. This also results on lower stress and anxiety levels which are a side affect of too much inflammation in the body.

*4. Improves mental health

Recent studies have shown that turmeric also improves mental health! In the past, doctors have used turmeric to boost patients cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration. Everybody has those days when the brain cells are on hiatus…turmeric could be a non caffeinated alternative to waking them up! (Sign me up!!) As an antioxidant, turmeric works by stimulating brain activity and preventing against cognitive disintegration. It also detoxes the brain and helps clear your neural pathways. Curcumin compounds in the turmeric, are also used to help those with depression and anxiety, having results similar to that of different antidepressant medication, except it’s better for you! This is a huge plus for those who suffer from depression or stress and want a natural treatment and don’t want the dangerous possibility of medication addiction or side effects.


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Just stock up on your Turmeric!


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