Fuel your adventure with SunRidge Farms this Fall! Find this months promo code here for 20% online orders.

The approach of autumn isn’t the end of summer fun.  Let’s stay active and embrace the slight chill in the air and sunlight that fades a little earlier each day.  Staying active requires fueling the body and that’s where we at SunRidge Farms come in.  Trail mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and granola all provide easy to carry and nourishing sustenance for adventures of all types, from taking the kids to the Halloween store or pumpkin patch, enjoying  full moon stand up paddling sessions, or taking those treks in the hills that were too grueling in the summer heat.  The fall brings us tailgates, homework, homecoming, and yard work.  Those adventures need fuel too! Take advantage of the changing of the seasons for 20% online orders by using promo code ‘ autumn2016 ‘. Post a picture of your SunRidge Farms fueled adventure on Facebook or Instagram by October 15  and we’ll pick a lucky contributor or two and send them a gift box for participating.  

SunRidge Farms – entering the digital age of organic and all natural foods

If you stop by our website frequently you’ve noticed something different during this visit…we’ve changed.  This is for the better, though we know it will cause some growing pains with our long term followers.  We’ve launched the site quietly as it’s as shocking to us as it is to the aforementioned long timers.  Please enjoy the significant improvements – you can use your phone or tablet as well as your computer; nutritional panel and ingredient information is front and center;  and increased accessibility to our vast selection of items – that will aid you in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle through organic and all natural foods. If you find a broken link, have trouble checking out, or have any other questions please use our ‘contact us’ feature.  We’ll be able to resolve most website issues within 24-72 hours.  Our image library is being updated in the background so check back frequently to see our products in detail. Thanks so much for your support of SunRidge Farms.  Welcome to our digital leap forward; help us share our mutual values and interests by joining and liking us on Facebook and Instagram. www.sunridgefarms.com    

Trail Mix

It was 75 degrees in Santa Cruz last Sunday and the urge to dust off the camping and backpacking gear was too great to resist. I pulled it all out and began to go through everything to see what was needed for the coming season. Fortunately, it looks as if all the gear is in tip top shape and I only need to pick up some more bear spray and small propane cartridges for the stove and it’s go time. Oh yeah, and to load up on SunRidge Farms Trail Mix and other SunRidge Farms mixes for snacking on the trail and at the campsite. My stand by has always been the Organic Hit the Trail Mix, which simply tastes great and provides all the energy I need when hiking. This year, however, I’m going to make an effort to bring many different types of SunRidge Farms mixes. NonGMO Project verified Cranberry Harvest Mix combines dark chocolate chips with organic cranberries, organic peanuts, organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, organic raisins, almonds, and apples. That’s a great breakfast coupled with hot tea or coffee or a solid lunch while taking a break from the trail. Our Tropical Trail Mix gives you… Read More

Getting better at buying in bulk!

The conversion from a standard grocery store shopper to a more disciplined and careful BULK grocery shopper has taken time but the results are clearly positive. We’re eating better foods, snacking less, and reducing our waste impact. The really great thing is that in the bulk shopping I’m talking about doesn’t require me to buy 10 lbs. of pasta to get my savings like warehouse bulk buying requires. If we’re having pasta for dinner I can buy 12 oz. in bulk instead of a prepackaged 16 oz box knowing that we only eat 12 oz. and likely throw the rest away. Instead of a box of cookies to have around for snacking or dessert, we’ll buy some SunRidge Farms Peanut Butter Power Chews and put them in an old spaghetti sauce jar to stay fresh and snack on those. Hearty and filling, they are made with much better ingredients than the typical box of cookies. The only packaging for these Chews is the recyclable bag used from the bulk bin counter which means that waste is very limited ( no paperboard box, plastic cookie tray, or plastic wrap ). Better foods seem to be more satisfying too! My younger boy… Read More

Holiday treats from SunRidge Farms

The kids are soon finished with school prior to the Christmas break which means they will be running around the house, going out to play, and winding themselves up right through Christmas Eve. After the excitement Christmas morning, they’ll start all over again trying to get as much fun stuff in before they have to go back. Why fuel their fire with junk candy and unhealthy treats? We have a suggestion! Introduce them to bulk foods and snacks available from SunRidge Farms. Visit your favorite grocery store and let the kids pick out some new treats that will have them thinking a little differently. You’ll find that they will have plenty to choose from and that the kids will love to be involved in picking what they will eat. From roasted cashews and mixed nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, and yes…healthier candies they and you will find a way to keep their hustle and bustle from being fueled by refined sugars. If you want to stuff their stockings with snacks, visit www.sunridgefarms.com and mix/match 12 packages of these wonderful snacks and receive free shipping on your order. It really is worth it!

GMO debate rages on…no clear answer in sight…or is there?

It appears that Washington State voters weren’t prepared to be the labeling initiators for GMO foods.  I-522 currently trails in the voting results that have been announced so far and it’s unlikely that further returns will be enough to pass the measure.   While disappointing to those of us who vigorously support labeling of GMO’s, we have to realize how far we’ve come in making people aware of the concerns of GMO’s in a relatively short time and that this is when those that are concerned must reach deep and continue to push.  Having closely observed both the California and Washington campaigns we’ve learned exactly how the companies that stand to gain from the status quo will attack these measures and what information they use to ‘muddy the waters’.   Therein lies the path that will back these companies into a corner.   How clear is this path?  Well the first steps are pretty clear as certain cards have been played in both campaigns.   Language of the Initiative, Research ( or lack thereof ), and economic impact are three of the ‘hot’ buttons that the NO campaigns utilized to confuse, mislead, and misinform the voters.   In a soundbite environment it was very easy… Read More

The GMO debate – why is it so hard to figure out?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) – are they good? and/or are they bad?  This debate is raging in the public realm right now as California voters narrowly defeated a measure to label them in California (Prop 37) last year and Washington State voters are about to decide if they will be the first of the states to adopt a formal labeling requirement.   Trying to understand what the ‘right’ thing to do is very difficult as propaganda and murky science seem to rule the day.  Both ‘sides’ of the debate use the murky science and propaganda to further their respective agendas as to whether or not GMO’s should be labeled, are or aren’t safe, and what information is credible and what is not.   What makes it even more difficult is when both sides try to use the available information fit their stance on the issue which further muddies the water.   For example, whether or not GMO’s are safe is an irrelevant argument when it comes to discussing Initiative 522 in Washington.  That legislation is strictly regarding labeling and how the consumer would be informed as to whether or not a food item contains genetically modified ingredients.  Both the Yes and No side… Read More

How much time is adequate for human safety trials?

Recently Monsanto and other chemical companies created a website that is supposed to ‘clear the air’ about Genetically Modified Organisms.  This new ‘transparency’ is an attempt at making these products easy to understand and to minimize any possibility that these foods might actually be detrimental to the human body.  However, the PR firm hired to create this website so far has yet to be identified.  Transparency??   Perhaps this PR firm is actually afraid of being identified, perhaps not…yet it stands to reason that fear of being associated publicly with Monsanto might not be so good for business. So what does the above have to do with the human safety trials in the title?  For me it’s quite simple.  Rather than get caught up in the rhetoric that leads to so many ‘anti-science’ labels being placed on those opposed to GMO’s I want to push for the science.  The longest any study on humans that has been accomplished by these companies is 90 days.  If 90 days is enough for ‘science’ to be validated as to the safety of these transgenic crops then show all of us the rigorous peer reviewed evidence that this is the case.   I’m sure the tobacco… Read More

We are a lifestyle company that just happens to sell really good foods!

It’s April 2013 and late last year we celebrated 30 years of business. The staff here at SunRidge Farms did an amazing job of finding photographs and attaching captions and stories on a timeline that covered one of the walls of our building so those of us who hadn’t been part of the entire journey could ‘see’ the beginning and follow that to our current status. It truly tells a wonderful story and emphasized how we truly are a lifestyle company that produces excellent foods. Wouldn’t that make us a food company? Well, there is no doubt that foods play an important role in our existence but it’s so much more than that. From our very first trail mix, the goal has not been so much about the food but how to allow a food to benefit our lifestyle choices. A better trail mix led to many other products (over 1300 now) that has provided the opportunity to build a company that can positively impact the lives of others as well as our own team. Almost 40% of our energy needs are now accomplished via solar, our delivery trucks utilize biodiesel, and our recycling and other environmental efforts are top… Read More

Choosing to eat better one step at a time!

Welcome to 2013!  The New Year Resolutions are still fresh in our minds yet they can quickly fall by the wayside if we don’t keep some focus.  I kept mine a bit simpler this year so that I can continue this journey into better foods that started a couple of years ago.  Eating better has had additional benefits that were not my intention when I resolved to feed my family better that must be mentioned too, but first let’s look at how we can eat better. We know that we need so many servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains to improve our diets.  We also know that we should reduce the amount of meat we consume too.  This has been drilled into us from elementary school on, yet this is only scratching the surface and may not really be as healthy as promoted.  Why is this?  From GMO crops to residual pesticides, many of the fruits and vegetables we are tasked to consume can negatively impact our body on the cellular level.  We’d hope that trying to eat better wouldn’t do this but in reality, it often does.  To make your resolution stick and give yourself the health… Read More