Getting better at buying in bulk!

The conversion from a standard grocery store shopper to a more disciplined and careful BULK grocery shopper has taken time but the results are clearly positive. We’re eating better foods, snacking less, and reducing our waste impact. The really great thing is that in the bulk shopping I’m talking about doesn’t require me to buy 10 lbs. of pasta to get my savings like warehouse bulk buying requires. If we’re having pasta for dinner I can buy 12 oz. in bulk instead of a prepackaged 16 oz box knowing that we only eat 12 oz. and likely throw the rest away. Instead of a box of cookies to have around for snacking or dessert, we’ll buy some SunRidge Farms Peanut Butter Power Chews and put them in an old spaghetti sauce jar to stay fresh and snack on those. Hearty and filling, they are made with much better ingredients than the typical box of cookies. The only packaging for these Chews is the recyclable bag used from the bulk bin counter which means that waste is very limited ( no paperboard box, plastic cookie tray, or plastic wrap ). Better foods seem to be more satisfying too! My younger boy will simply grab one or two power chews and that seems to do the trick, whereas previously he’d put the box of cookies on the coffee table and snack without thinking.

Instead of a candy bar, he’ll grab a piece of dried Mango, a handful of banana chips, or some Dark Chocolate Coconut chews from a jar too. Again, no waste and he’s eating better and we’ve spent less money.

Give it a shot for 30 days! See what you can do to improve your eating habits by buying great foods in bulk. You’ll be surprised how much you like it but I won’t!  

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