Heirloom Beans: What’s The Rage?

According to Instagram, Twitter, and hundreds of blog posts around the world, heirloom beans are possibly the biggest thing in the healthy eating world. You may have seen them and thought they look like any other bean you’ve ever seen, but they’re different: they’re heirloom. You’ve heard of the word. Maybe you have one or two, possibly your grandma’s diamond ring or your great uncle’s, cufflinks. Now get ready for a new meaning of the word heirloom. The latest trend is heirloom beans. What in the world do beans have to do with Grandma Mabel’s ring?? Well, similar to that… Read More

What is Fair Trade & Fair Trade Certified?

On the surface, Fair Trade is a social movement: a grassroots movement with a goal. Fair Trade products are made with the people and the planet in mind. Fair Trade Certified explains that those with this certification, “[build] a global model around the concept that economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods are the basis for a market that works for everyone.” Fair Trade works to ensure that farmers in developing nations gain improved working and trading conditions. It also works to improve sustainable farming practices and thriving healthy communities.   How Does it Work? Anything that is Fair Trade Certified has… Read More

National Chocolate With Almonds Day is July 8th

There’s a Holiday for That? Yes, yes there is. Take a moment this Friday, July 8th, to seek out the crunchy and heavenly combination of rich, hearty chocolate and perfectly roasted California almonds for National Chocolate with Almonds Day.  Confectioners have been combining the buttery, flavorful tree nut with rich, luscious dark or milk chocolate for years in all their creations. Who doesn’t love a chocolate covered whole almond or a chocolate bar laced with chopped almond pieces?  What can make this even better? How about using only Fair Trade Cocoa and California Almonds pasteurized with steam versus Propylene Oxide (PPO)… Read More

Demand for Non GMO Foods by consumers starting to have a positive impact!

We’ve been concerned about GMO’s since they were introduced to the food chain about the time we got our start in the food business.  In that time we’ve witnessed the proliferation of these crops and felt the true impact as we had to continue to seek out new farmers and suppliers that maintained organic and conventional methods of growing and harvesting in order to ensure our commitment to the planet and provide Non GMO foods to our customers.   We learned early on, directly from the farmers, that the claims of higher yields and no environmental impacts were not accurate. … Read More

Dollars and Sense: American GMOs versus European Non-GMOs

 Burying the Lead It was simply tough times and difficult choices.  A little more than a week before the 2016 United States presidential election, the New York Times ran this story that rocked a number of people.   Because of its timing, however, the story was lost in the controversy of that contentious election. In journalistic terms, it is called “Burying the Lead.”  All eyes were on Trump versus Clinton. There was little fanfare about a topic that was so critical to everyday lives.  Nevertheless, the overarching theme of the piece written by Danny Hakim on OCT. 29, 2016 resonates with everyone… Read More

Pecans: The Plain and Simple Story

  If you ever find yourself traveling in the southern part of the United States, you owe it to yourself to make your way to Albany, Georgia.  Albany prides itself on its 600,000 Pecan tress.  Now, Pecan trees can get up to anywhere from 66 to 121 feet high and they can live for around 200 years.  They are stunningly beautiful and serene. I am not suggesting chucking out all the antidepressants and heading to Albany to solve all of your problems; however, a picnic under the Pecan trees while listening to the Allman Brothers play “Melissa,” might prove good… Read More

We Sing The Song of the Peanut

It’s National Peanut Month! Yet again, we find a national holiday for as many food-related items as possible. Bet you didn’t know that March is National Peanut Month.  Catch your breath; I know I just rocked your world.  OK, maybe rocked is too strong a word.   Stunned, shocked, staggered, or even astonished is also probably over the top but we are talking peanuts, folks…peanuts!  Actually, up until 1974 it was just National Peanut Week, but wise men and women came to their senses, recognized the error of their ways and presto changeo, wisdom prevailed throughout the land and they gave… Read More

7 Thing You Didn’t Know About Pistachios

  Pistachios: Are They Good for You? Originally from Western Asia, but known for thousands of years throughout the Mediterranean, pistachios have been cultivated commercially in the English speaking world in Australia, New Mexico and in California where it was introduced in 1854 as a garden tree.  The pistachio is simply a delicious, nutritious nut to snack on and benefit from, and they even have their own Nationally declared day in North America: February 26th. Here are just a few things you should know about pistachios. Heart Health Pistachios have been shown to reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase the… Read More

How To Make Healthier Banana Bread

This year, in honor of National Banana Bread Day, we wanted to bring you a list of tips to help you modify your favorite recipes to make them a bit healthier, or even just to modify them to whatever your diet requirements are. Whether you want to focus on all natural sugars, going gluten free, or reducing your fat, try out any of these modifications to make your banana bread work for you, and still be delicious.   Going Gluten Free   Whenever trying to substitute a gluten free flour for breads, cakes or scones, make sure to check if your… Read More

NBC program ‘Superstore’ features SunRidge Farms this week!

Join SunRidge Farms in watching ‘Superstore’ on the NBC Network this Thursday, February 23rd, at 8PM.  We’re excited to see our products featured as part of this ongoing sitcom on NBC.  Here’s a quick synopsis of this episode, entitled ‘Wellness Fair’: When Amy (America Ferrera) sees Mateo (Nico Santos) out on a secret date with Jeff (recurring guest star Michael Bunin), she ignores Garrett’s (Colton Dunn) advice to stay out of it, and ends up throwing multiple relationships – both real and imagined – into chaos.  Meanwhile, Glenn (Mark McKinney) resents Jonah (Ben Feldman) for outshining him during Cloud 9’s… Read More

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