September is National Organic Harvest Month!

Guess what? September is National Organic Harvest Month!   What does it mean? I know what you’re thinking, National Organic Month is nowhere to be found on my calendar so what in the world is it? Well, it originated from organic farmers and natural foods communities to help educate the public about organic farming and foods. It is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of organic farming and production.  In addition to promoting organic foods, it brings attention to how organic farming benefits the earth and makes sure the foods we put into our body are the healthiest and purest… Read More

Happy National Trail Mix Day!

August 31st is National Trail Mix Day! Trail mix is a combination of different nuts and dried fruits that is known to be a protein-packed portable snack.  It has been around for decades, but where in the world did it come from?   Some sources claim that it was invented by two original Californian surfers one day in 1968 when they combined peanuts and raisins to make GORP (good old raisins and peanuts) as a quick and portable snack, However, as long ago as that seems, it’s been around much longer than that. Likely originating in Europe but mixes went… Read More

Little Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day

“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” ― Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters “What you take from the earth, you must give back. That’s nature’s way.” ― Chris d’Lacey, The Fire Within   Earth day was founded almost 50 years ago as a day to promote the education of the environment and things that affect the earth, today we can celebrate it in different ways to help heal the planet. Each of us can do little things to change our lifestyle and actions to help take care of our… Read More

March is National Nutrition Month

Hello, fellow nutrition fans! Guess what? March is National Nutrition Month. WOOHOO! What does that mean? Well simply, it is just a month of increased awareness of what you’re putting into your body. The theme for 2018 is “Go further with Foods”. The focus this year is on food preparation to get more and waste less. By preparing foods in advance you benefit by saving money and food, whilst eating healthier. Here are some ways you can include Nutrition Month in your everyday life! 1. Create your own menu:     I know this sounds like overkill but trust me,… Read More

SunRidge Spotlight: Candyland Opens on Monterey Wharf

Candyland has opened a second Monterey location on the Monterey Wharf! They offer a great array of traditional chocolate, gummies, and treats, as well as showcasing many SunRidge Farms chocolate and nut items!  We stopped by to check our candies in their store and see how their grand opening went!          Feeling inspired? Browse SunRidge Farms chocolate items online now.

Quinoa: How Did This Little Grain Get So Popular?

  Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah, try it, it’s pretty fun to say) Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa, you’ve probably heard about it too many times to count, and with good reason too. It has become one of the most popular healthy foods. Quinoa has been featured all over Instagram, Pinterest and on hundreds of blog sites, well-known for its bright colors and aesthetically pleasing presentation. After seeing all the pictures and hearing raves about it from your insanely healthy best friend, you have to admit, you’re pretty curious. But where to start? There are a few different kinds to choose from. What’s the difference?… Read More

How to Pull Off the Perfect Pilaf

History Originating in the middle east, Pilaf has been around for centuries and as language has evolved, the name has too. One of the earliest forms of the modern word “Pilaf” is the word “Pula”, which in Aryan means “dish of rice and meat.” Eventually, it turned into “Pilav” describing a Persian dish of grains boiled in broth. Today the word Pilaf is used liberally and yet most still have no idea what it actually means. The technical definition is: a dish made of rice and other grains or beans, cooked in a broth. But there are a couple of… Read More

Freekeh’n’ Out About Freekeh

  [Pronounced Freek-uh, or Freek-ay depending on how you’re feeling that day] Freekeh is an extremely popular superfood that has resurfaced within the last couple years. It possibly has to do with an episode on Oprah in around 2010, where she talked about the benefits of this grain. Since then, the freekeh obsession has skyrocketed and it’s become one of the hottest health foods of the 21st century, metaphorically of course. (I suggest turning on Chic’s “Le Freak” or Missy Elliot’s “Get your Freak On” to set the mood…)   What in the world is Freekeh? Originally from the middle… Read More

Carob: What Is It and Should I Carob’out’ It?

  Oh no here I am, back at it again with the puns… But really, what is it about Carob that’s got everybody talking about it? Well after doing some investigation, I’m pretty sold on it as well. In a nutshell: it’s like chocolate, only better. What on earth do you mean, what’s better than chocolate? Honestly, not a ton but this might be one of them. Especially for those of you who can’t eat a lot of dairy, caffeine or lots of sugar, Carob is your holy grail. And you don’t need to have dietary needs to love it.… Read More

What Type of Oats Are The Healthiest?

When I was younger, I never realized how amazing oats and oatmeal could be. It was probably because it brings back memories of going downstairs for breakfast before school and getting that same bowl of plain tasteless oatmeal. Every. Single. Day. However, that was the old me. I have recently discovered a whole world of oatmeal that I had no idea existed. To tell the truth, it really is the ultimate breakfast option: it’s filling and hearty, and yet it’s one of the healthiest meals you can eat. The trick is knowing your oats. There are many types of oats… Read More

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