This Week's Outdoor Adventure – Maverick's Big Wave Surf Contest

We love the outdoors and our solar powered manufacturing facility sits on the central coast of California just south of Santa Cruz and about an hour south of the famous Maverick’s surf break.  This big wave contest only runs when conditions are strong and February 12 is the day!  To see the big event you can click on the link below to this event: [link] SunRidge Farms wishes the competitors a safe and exhilarating day in the surf and sun!

Why is Campbell Soup suddenly supporting GMO labeling?

Campbell Soup recently announced they are withdrawing their opposition to GMO labeling.  The Christian Science Monitor release this story – [link] SunRidge Farms has long advocated for the disclosure of genetically modified organisms in foods.  We welcome Campbell Soup’s declaration and urge other major food companies to listen to what consumers want. 

Perfect Valentine's Day treats from SunRidge Farms

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  Here’s a suggestion from this latest blog review – [link] Only the best ingredients go into our foods.  SunRidge Farms delicious confections, trail mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and many other items can be found in your favorite grocers bulk foods section.  Buy only what you need and save money!

Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to the New Year.  SunRidge Farms invites you to explore a lifestyle that includes a mindfulness into health, sustenance, and balance that we strive for.  Our conduit to this effort are the foods we offer and the care and effort that goes into providing you the best.  Stringent sourcing protocols committed to sustainability, solar power in our factories, paying our team members to bike to work, offering a majority of our items in bulk, onsite yoga and exercise rooms, spirited and innovative R&D, BPA free packaging, and a wonderful location on the central coast of California combine to give… Read More

7 Ways Buying Organic Can Save You Money

Organic food prices often carry a premium at the store, but that isn’t always the case.  From Fox News comes this story – [link] addition, though not mentioned in the story, the organic items that they mention as costing less are still packaged.  If they had gone to the bulk foods aisle they could have found many more items that are organic that cost less simply by taking the packaging out of the equation.  Take the time to shop in bulk to find organic foods AND save money. SunRidge Farms is a leading provider of bulk foods nationwide.  

How the US can grow Organic Farming

5% of total food sales are organic though only about 1% of acreage in the USA is dedicated to organic farming.  We owe it to ourselves to change this but what can be done?  Here are some ideas from an article in Supermarket News – [link] SunRidge Farms is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and other efforts in sustainability for our planet and our people.  

Fair Trade Cocoa making a difference in reducing child slave labor!

It’s sobering to think that enjoying a chocolate candy bar might contribute to children’s slave labor but until recently that was likely the case.  Kudos to the Fair Trade organizations and major chocolate candy suppliers who have spent the past decade working with farmers, governments, and supply chains to reshape the cocoa industry.  Here’s a story from the Christian Science Monitor that offers more insight – [link] SunRidge Farms has always been committed to sourcing sustainable and ethical cocoa.  In continuing this effort we’ve expanded our Fair Trade Cocoa offerings in both organic and all natural.  When shopping, look for… Read More

Read the new FDA labeling guidance and comment now!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new guidance for food manufacturers regarding the labeling of genetically modified or bio engineered foods.  Please share the following link with your friends and family and take the time to comment.  [link] The FDA needs constructive comments from the public who have researched this issue thoroughly who can help provide clear distinctions to the general public as to the merit of certain aspects of bio engineering and genetic modification.  There is a significant difference in asserting that a crop that has the gene of a bacteria inserted in it to produce it’s… Read More

Holiday Wow Gift Box

Ready to send the gift of great food to your friends and family this holiday season?  The SunRidge Farms Holiday Wow Gift Box is a delectable collection of trail mixes, confections, dried fruit, and nut&seeds that will more than satisfy your holiday guests!  Take advantage now of $10 off the regular price and FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 or more gift boxes.  That’s right, for less than $100 you’ll have gift box for yourself and another for friends and family.  Add on any other items to your 2+ gift box order and free shipping applies to all items.  Order… Read More

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