Read the new FDA labeling guidance and comment now!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new guidance for food manufacturers regarding the labeling of genetically modified or bio engineered foods.  Please share the following link with your friends and family and take the time to comment.

The FDA needs constructive comments from the public who have researched this issue thoroughly who can help provide clear distinctions to the general public as to the merit of certain aspects of bio engineering and genetic modification.  There is a significant difference in asserting that a crop that has the gene of a bacteria inserted in it to produce it’s own insecticide has the same desirable characteristics of another crop which was selected for it’s flavor trait and bred with another strain of the same crop to get more of the flavor trait passed to the new strait, yet the rules being proposed would not make that distinction.  Take the time to make sure that the FDA hears these concerns and to share that it’s not just the crop’s final composition that is important but how the crop got there in the first place.  Not all genetic modification is equal. 

SunRidge Farms supports efforts to encourage research on the safety of GMO’s, the environmental impact of how they are grown, and methods to decrease food waste, and efforts to improve the distribution of food throughout the world so that hunger can be eliminated globally.

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