Fair Trade Milk and Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews set a new standard in confections!

Coconut lovers will rejoice and people on the fence over coconut will finally be able to understand what ‘good’ coconut really tastes like and become fans.  SunRidge Farms offers our new Fair Trade Milk and Dark Chocolate Coconut Chews.  Rich Dark Chocolate or Creamy Milk Chocolate coat our scrumptious coconut bars, offering up bite size morsels of delight.  Stop by your favorite Whole Foods or other grocers bulk foods section and seek out these tasty Fair Trade snacks and do both your taste buds and sustainable farming a favor.

SunRidge Farms produces it’s foods in a solar powered facility on the central coast of California.  Most of our products are made for bulk food sets at grocery stores nationwide in order to reduce cost, packaging and food waste.  Join us in making a difference.

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