Congress sends GMO labeling bill to President Obama

Whether we agree with it or not, the US Congress has decided to forward a bill that passed in both the House of Representatives and the Senate that supersedes State law (specifically Vermont) in regards to labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO).  President Obama is expected to sign this bill into law.  Here’s the detail –

Rest assured, we’ll still be using NonGMO ingredients and sourcing from NonGMO sources.  The environmental impacts of GMO corn, beets, and soybean are simply too negative to ignore.  The inability of the farmers to prevent cross contamination, singular and increasing herbicide use, mono crop culture, and impact on the local ecosystem are real.  This is not healing the planet.  It’s still the only one we’ve got so let’s continue to push for agricultural changes that take care of the Earth so she’ll continue to take care of us.

SunRidge Farms is a producer of fine foods – confections, nuts & seeds, dried fruits, trail mixes, and granola.  Much of our production is solar powered, our trucks use bio-diesel, and we pay employees $5 per day to bike to work.

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