Who really should ‘fear’ Prop 37

Whose afraid of Prop 37??  Well it’s clear that Monsanto, Dow, and a few others are frightened to death.   They’ve brought this upon themselves though, so we shouldn’t feel too bad for them.  It’s great that leadership in some of these companies is old school and hasn’t yet learned their lessons from the tobacco industry.   No way that negative information doesn’t leak out in this day and age.  Thank you Google! Yahoo! Netscape! AOL! and all of the others.  Add in Twitter and Facebook and we know almost instantly when these companies are trying to play games with us.   It’s pretty clear why they are afraid, but I want us to realize ‘how’ we made them afraid and where our efforts to direct this ‘fear’ should manifest next.

California’s ballot initiative process is unique.  PROP 37 is a perfect example of the power of the initiative process.  We, the People, put this forward – not the politicians, not the lobbyists.  We bypassed the ‘garbage’ that sits in Sacramento and put what we wanted to the voters.  We should be examining and learning from PROP 37’s ups and downs so that we can create even more ballot initiatives that put more power in our hands.  Our legislature has been inept for decades in California…NO WORRIES…let’s take the decision making out of their hands.   Just because something has been done for a long time a certain way, doesn’t mean that we can ‘t look at different alternatives.  It’s time for our elected officials to rally around the people and not lobbyists or influential donors.  Let’s make sure that their fears are realized by VOTING YES ON PROP 37!

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