Trying to understand what’s important about Prop 37

I’m voting YES on Prop 37.  Am I biased working for a natural foods company?  Probably yes, but not in the manner you might think.  As anyone who knows me, I don’t just do something for the sake of doing something.   Discerning fact from fiction in the genetically modified foods arena is difficult since research is truly limited, especially as it relates to human impacts.  No, I’m biased because of my personal experiences with these foods and what has happened since I found ways to limit their intake in to my body.  What is particularly relevant to me is that the improvements in my health appear to be directly related to the food choices I was making.  The choice to change came at the recommendation of a friend, not because I had educated myself on these foods.   Now, having spent quite a bit of time researching  GM foods and finding evidence of that suggests that we should be concerned, it’s easier for me to ensure I eat right.  Even more poignant, the chronic disease/condition I had been diagnosed with was not in evidence at my last checkup.  No disease found!!  This is a condition that I had for almost 20 years and does not have a cure, per the doctor.  These positive results have not been for just me.  My doctor has encouraged his other patients to take this approach and though he cannot divulge too much per patient/doctor privacy laws he has told me that he has seen benefits to others.  It mirrors the same experience I’ve had with my own family.  Simply put, there is too much personal evidence for me to buy into the industry’s stipulation that GM foods are completely safe.  Your personal experience may or may not be the same.  Just because you aren’t showing signs now of issues associated with GM foods doesn’t mean the damage isn’t being done.  It also may be that these foods won’t harm a certain percentage of people too.  That being said –

What is important about Prop 37?  In a nutshell it’s information.  It took me quite a while to understand how to find foods that have not been modified or don’t contain modified ingredients.  It should be simple and the labeling provision of Prop 37 is the best solution at this time.  Is it perfect?  No, but it does the job of providing a means for the consumer to better understand their food choices.  I’m grateful that California had a process in place to get a piece of legislation on to the ballot that represents what a majority of people want.

On November 6, we get a chance to make our voice heard.   I hope you’ll join me in a resounding YES VOTE on 37.  Regardless, I also hope you’ll make the choice to eat better foods and help your body take care of itself.  That much I can stand behind, politics aside.

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