Eating better even more important now

As we move further into the 21st Century we’re realizing that cheap fuel is essentially gone, as is cheap labor.  These two pressures alone will impact our food bills in the very near future.    For many, an extra $10 in the gas tank is $10 less to spend on food.  The possibility becomes eating foods that cost less and often have nutritional shortcomings.  Let’s not let that become a choice for any of us.  The benefits of eating healthier foods far outweigh any tangible fiscal benefit by a large margin and reducing the chance of long term health costs associated with poor diet provides even a more practical argument to ensure good foods are in your body.

Here’s how to eat better for less money –

1) Shop in Bulk – No, I’m not talking the big warehouse stores here…these are the bulk bins you find at your local grocer.  In some cases 30-40% of the cost of food is in the packaging.  You only pay for the actual food when buying bulk, and you can buy only as much as you plan to cook or eat.

2) Buy locally farmed products.  If the vegetables and fruits you like are grown locally, then chances are you have riper, better harvested and stored produce.  In addition, very little fuel was used to get the produce to the store which should translate into better pricing.  Better food, less cost – good deal.

3) Eating healthier also leads to eating less.  Over-consumption, related to empty calories often leads to overeating.  A meal at a fast food establishment might offer 1000 calories but very little nutrition.  The same few dollars at the local market will mean fewer calories ingested but much better use of those calories by the body.

These are just a few tips to eating better.  Try these tips today and you’ll see for yourself.

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