Backpacking and SunRidge Farms

June 1 rolled around on the calendar and thoughts of dusting off the pack and gear have started crossing my mind.  Sierra Nevada snowpack is still at record levels which means that the high country will be a bit tougher to get to but that water will be abundant and wild flowers will be in bloom until the end of July in many spots.  One thing about backpacking, at least for me, is that I’m not a minimalist.  Going ultra light is a fine practice but if I’m only out for 2 or 3 days I’m going to eat like a king.  I like lobster, skirt steak, salmon, or fresh trout for my meals.   A wineskin full of a nice Merlot is a real treat at 8500 feet around a small campfire as part of a gourmet meal.  I know this sounds a bit crazy but meals like this are typical for me in the backwoods.  I don’t cheat myself with my snacks either.  Used to be I would create my own blends of trail mix by trying to come up with ingredients that I would find and that worked OK, but enter SunRidge Farms and I no longer had to be that creative.  Try and find better trail mixes!  Antioxidant Mix (with berries and chocolate), Mountain Rainbow Mix, Hit the Trail Mix, Cranberry Jubilee, and Chocolate Nut Crunch are but a few of the standard mixes found in the bulk bins of both small and larger grocers throughout the country.  You simply must try these snacks!  You’ll find at least one that will become a staple for your treks in the backcountry as well as the journey to your office most other days.   Remember that buying in bulk reduces waste from packaging, allows you to buy only what you need, and saves you money!   SunRidge Farms also produces some of their products in prepackaged bags with lockable seals which makes for convenient storage and carry if you prefer.  For information on the advantages of buying bulk, visit the Bulk is Green council at

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