Try our new Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Almonds

Bulk set managers would be wise to consider adding this truly decadent treat.  The Fair Trade Cacao rich dark chocolate coats crunchy California  Almonds, then a fine sprinkling of sea salt and Turbinado sugar is added.  The result is one of our finest confections ever!  Available in a 10lb. case in bulk, item number 022610 is the one you want. Order a case online and get 15% off and free shipping* – click here to go to this item on the site, [link] Enter promo code ‘ fairtrade30 ‘ at checkout. *standard ground delivery

Celebrate Fair Trade month with 15% off and free standard shipping on FT items!

SunRidge Farms is pleased to announce our expanded Fair Trade Chocolate items are 15% off with free standard shipping when purchased online for the month of October in celebration of Fair Trade Month using promo code ‘fairtrade30’.   SunRidge Farms has expanded from our organic offerings to the, first in category, all-natural Fair Trade Chocolates.  Click this link to take you to our Fair Trade listings – [link] Promo code –     ‘  fairtrade30  ‘

Fair Trade Dark and Milk Chocolate Almonds

SunRidge Farms is please to introduce the, first in category, all natural fair trade Dark and Milk Chocolate Almonds.  Your purchase of these items helps support over 42,000 Fair Trade Certified Cocoa farmers who are farming sustainably.  In addition, slave labor practices are eliminated, schooling and education improve, and farmer can experiment with post harvest techniques improving, creating, or refining cacao flavors. SunRidge Farms provides bulk confections, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, trail mixes, and granola to grocers nationwide.  Visit your favorite grocers bulk food sets and look for items from SunRidge Farms or ask the manager for our items… Read More

Rare celestial event this Sunday – check it out!

Grab some SunRidge Farms Chipotle Lime Chimayo Red Chile Almonds, a chair and a blanket and prepare to witness a rare celestial event this weekend.  On Sunday Sept. 27, most of North America, South America, and Africa will see a supermoon and blood moon at once. This phenomenon has only happened five times since 1900 and won’t happen again until 2033. For more on viewing this event – [link] SunRidge Farms provides healthier organic and natural snacks, trail mixes, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and decadent confections.  Eat well and get outdoors with SunRidge Farms.

Let's do our part to keep our planet's resources

We are consuming too much of our world’s resources.  This is an absolute fact and much of this is strictly due to spending on items we really don’t need.  This woman used her father’s death to review her (and his) accumulation of ‘stuff’ and changed her entire thought process on consumption.  We don’t have to let an event like this be the trigger; hopefully this article will lead you to look at your own approach to consumption.  [link]

More during AND after school snacks that make sense for you and your kids!

We all need to eat better which is where SunRidge Farms comes in.  Establishing better eating habits starts early with our children and here’s some ways they can eat better both at school and after school – [link]

First California Wolfpack since 1924

SunRidge Farms is a proud sponsor of Defenders of Wildlife and a big supporter of proper wolf management in the USA.  We’re excited to know that wolves are returning to California and will be following the ‘Shasta Pack’ very closely.  Here’s more on this fascinating development.[link] You can join us in donating to Defenders of Wildlife with the purchase of our Berries and Chocolate Antioxidant Mix or make an additional donation via our site with any purchase.

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