I don’t see an expiration date. How do I know if my product is expired?

Instead of expiration dates, we use a Julian date code. This is a 7 digit code you will find on the back of your bag or box to help you identify when it was produced.

The first 3 digits tell you on what day of the year the bag or box was produced. The next 2 digits indicate the year, and the final 2 digits are our SunRidge lot number. For example, the code “0901797” means that it was packaged on the 90th day of the year 2017. The next two digits refer to our lot number.  In this example, it is 97. Here is a handy guide you can use to help you translate the code.

With this information in combination with our Recommended Shelf Life & Storage Requirements, you can better estimate the shelf life of your food.

For more information on Food Product Dating and USDA requirements around Food Product Dating see here.