What is the 7 digit number by the Best By date? (Julian Code)

In addition to a ‘best by’ date that you’ll see on our packaged items, we use a Julian date code to manage bulk and track the lots of our packaged items.   This is a 7 digit code you will find on the back of your bag or box to help you identify when it was produced.

The first 3 digits tell you on what day of the year the bag or box was produced. The next 2 digits indicate the year, and the final 2 digits are our SunRidge lot number. For example, the code “0152243” means that it was packaged on the 15th day of the year 2022 (January 15, 2022)  Here is a handy guide you can use to help you translate the code.


For more information on Food Product Dating and USDA requirements around Food Product Dating see here.