Our Green Commitment

Green Commitment [Icon]

Green, and Growing!

From our beginnings to today, SunRidge Farms™ has been committed to green living. Our green commitment goes beyond our organic and all natural products, reaching through our business and beyond to make the world a better place for our customers, employees, and the planet. From offering sustainably produced products, to supporting charitable causes, to incorporating greener business practices throughout our offices and warehouse, our commitment to make a difference in the world will never wane.

Our recently completed (2011) solar array now produces 785,000 Kilowatt-hours of annual production. This enables the system to supply 35-40 percent of the company’s energy needs. In addition, the system will keep an estimated 1.3-million pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere each year.

The company’s other green practices include:

  • Offering a bike-to-work program that pays employees $5 a day to bike to and from work.
  • Using biodiesel delivery trucks and hybrid cars for its sales team.
  • Providing staff with a 24-hour work and recreation center, onsite yoga classes, recycling education classes and more.
  • Installing full-spectrum lighting in office workspaces, low voltage/low energy lighting in the warehouses, and filtered air system for its staff.
  • Installing low-flow water-saving devices and making use of recycling programs throughout its facilities.