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  • Organic Roasted and Salted Soy Nuts

    Crunchy, salty, nutty Soy Nuts

  • Organic Sunflower Seeds, Raw Hulled

    Our Premium Raw Sunflower Seeds are selected from premier fields throughout the world and freshly…

  • Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Grade A

    SunRidge Farms Organic Pumpkin Seeds are among the most nutritious of all seeds! Rich in iron…

  • Organic Whole Fancy Cashews

    Heavenly whole cashews

  • Organic Golden Flax Seeds

    Healthy Organic Flax Seed

  • Organic California Supreme Almonds

    California Supreme Almonds

  • Organic Dry Roasted Peanut Butter Stock

    Organic Peanuts for making Peanut Butter

  • Organic Brown Flax Seeds

    Healthy Organic Flax Seed

  • Organic Roasted Soy Nuts - No Salt

    Unsalted Organic Soy Nuts

  • Organic Dry Roasted Almonds - No Salt, Non GMO verified

    Crunchy Roasted Almonds with no salt!  Almonds are an excellent source of protein and fiber. …

  • Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds

    Delicious Organic Almonds roasted with flavorful Tamari

  • Organic Roasted Cashews Sea Salted

    Sea Salt and Dry Roasted Cashews create an organic treat!

  • Organic Tamari Roasted Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower Seed goodness coupled with flavorful Tamari for a fantastic taste sensation!

  • Organic Sunflower Seeds - North American Grown

    Hulled raw sunflower seeds organically grown in North America

  • Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

    Nutty and flavorful sesame seeds

  • Organic Whole Cashews Dry Roasted No Salt

    Dry Roasted Perfection!

  • Organic Almond Butter Stock

    Fresh Almonds for Almond Butter, unsalted

  • Organic Butter Toffee Almonds

    Crunchy and Sweet!

  • Organic Almonds European Raw

    Raw Almonds from Europe

  • Organic Dry Roasted and Salted Almonds

    Tasty, crunchy Almonds salted to perfection

  • Organic Large Fancy Cashews

    Large delicious cashew pieces!

  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    High in Fiber and Protein, Chia seeds are also a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • Organic White Chia Seeds

    High in Fiber and Protein, Chia seeds are also a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • Organic Fancy Mixed Nuts - Roasted and Sea Salted

    A wonderful mix of organic nuts that are roasted and salted to perfection!

  • Organic Raw Pecans

    Super for Baking!

  • Organic Fancy Pine Nuts - Chinese Grade A

    Awesome for Pesto, Salads and Snacks

  • Organic Pistachios - Roasted No Salt

    Delicious, unsalted, crunchy pistachios in shell!

  • Organic Pistachios - Roasted and Salted

    Roasted and Salted Pistachios in shell!

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