Not your average little league ball park concession!

Baseball is in the air….that’s right, baseball!  Not spring, but that’s coming too!   Being at the ball park is something that so many of us look forward to each year and this year is no different.  Even better, our local little league program in Aptos, CA is expanding on it’s ‘Gary and Wes Hunter World Renowned Snack Shack’.  On top of the tri-tip salad, the incredible turkey chili, the incredible hot links, and garlic fries that certainly compete with the best the World Champion SF Giants offer at AT&T park, we can now add SunRidge Farms HealthyGO snacks.  Better nutrition and better snacking is the goal for the kids in this area and ballpark food is often difficult to improve but adding SunRidge Farms products to the mix is a great move.   We may not be able to get rid of the hot dog but we don’t have to compound this with refined sugars or artificial flavors and ingredients.  Even better, for every HealthyGO snack purchased by the fans, the profit goes right back to the league providing a boost in revenue for the kids and helping to ensure a quality program for over 400 kids and their families.

We’d love for your local youth organizations to join us in offering these types of treats for your program.  Give us a call and inquire as to our non-profit pricing on HealthyGO for your snack shack.   HealthyGO snacks come in many varieties of popular trail mixes, candies, and nuts, including the incredible new Rainbow Drops.  The controlled portions ensure a better snacking approach and provide convenience and peace of mind to parents who, like me, face a difficult proposition in getting kids to think about eating better….not to mention ourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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